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My group projec…

My group project was based off the history of ULM, its name change, and the effect it had on the school as a whole.  The point where the school spirit took a rapid downfall was when the name change from NLU to ULM occurred.  Today, people who graduated from NLU will not have anything to do with the newly named ULM.  People have even gone as far as to say things like “I did not go to ULM, I’m an alumni of Northeast”.  This is the craziest thing I have ever heard.  If you really love your school, the fact that it simply changed names should not bother you.  I know for a fact that if ULM changed names I’d feel exactly the same about it.

Something else that was interesting about our research was the lack of school spirit that pretty much everyone had.  I really don’t think there is a strong backbone of tradition to create this.  At our games I don’t feel like there is much to look forward to.  We have an amazing facility to work with but we do not take advantage of these things.  I am not sold on the idea of selling alcohol at the games, but on the other hand it may make the games more appealing to the community.


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