Secret Service Prostitution Scandal

Twelve secret service members have been implicated in a scandal that trumps all scandals over the past decades.  Barack Obama seems like a very professional, clean, man.  The idea of prostitutes even being brought up in the same sentence with his name is crazy.  The men who were accused of these are supposed to be worried about protecting our president, not something as lowly as prostitutes.  The men were caught with about 21 prostitutes in their room an April 11-12 in a hotel in Cartagena.  This was just one night before the President was supposed to arrive.  Now, I know these are grown men but they do need to take heed to the company they keep.  What if this women were plotting against the president? What if the women overheard confidential business that was only meant for people in the government?  There are many things that could’ve gone wrong and these men didn’t even take that into account.

“Frankly, my biggest concern is the issue of security and what could possibly have been jeopardized by virtue of this kind of behavior,” Leon Panetta, U.S. Defense Secretary said.  He went on to say, “We expect our people, wherever they are, whether they are in Colombia or any other country … to behave at the highest standards of conduct.”  This event was talked about frequently, and it caused everything the President had to say to be overshadowed.  Hiring prostitutes is illegal for U.S. military personnel.  The consequences range anywhere from years in jail to dishonorable discharge.




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