Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home

        Often times, there can be different negative connotations with the idea of a children’s home.  In media outlets like movies and television the living conditions are often terrible, and the children are treated badly. For example the popular movie entitled “Annie” gave a bad view of children’s homes.  Annie was treated badly and lived in terrible conditions.  She wasn’t allowed to speak to her parents and her dreams were frequently crushed by the mother of the home she lived at.  Naturally this has become the jaded image society has towards children’s home.  At Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home, this is not the case.

      .  The children all live in a small cottage along with 4-6 other children.  A married, Christian, couple lives in the house and acts as the children’s foster parents.  The kids range in age from infants all the way to college students. The Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home strives to instill family values in all of the children.  Having a stable home, or cottage, helps with this. 

        The Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home has an interesting way of communicating.  All of the workers are friendly with one another and it seems as though they work together to achieve common goals.  The secretary always looks out or Mr. Frost.  She seems to be a big help.

            The campus at the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home is extremely beautiful.  It looks very well kept and it is obvious that the campus is Christian oriented.  Mr. Frost’s office was filled with uplifting scriptures.

            Any couple who works at the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home most likely does not have kids of their own.  In the case that they do, it is okay for them to live in the cottage’s with their parents.  This does not become a problem unless the couple has a large amount of children.  They will not be allowed to live in the cottage if this is the case, simply because there is no room to board so many people in the cottages.  There are also tutors on campus.  These tutors can be in college or high school and must be willing to tutor in just about every subject. 

          The research I did on the Children’s Home was very reassuring.  I had a bad view of them initially, but now that has been cleared up.


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