Trayvon Martin: Innocent or NOT Innocent?

The Trayvon Martin Case has been all the last buzz in the news world lately.  In the beginning, everyone was making a huge deal about how he was wronged and how Zimmerman was racist.  Everyone was on Trayvon’s side because he seemed to be young and innocent.  But as always there are two sides to the story.  Now there is speculation that Trayvon wasn’t as innocent as he seemed.

As a matter of fact, he was on suspension from school around the time he was killed.  His suspensions ranged from, suspicion of marijuana, putting graffiti on school lockers, and having what appeared to be stolen jewelry in his backpack.  None of these things are related to violence, so some would say it is irrelevant to the case. I, on the other hand, believe otherwise. I grew up around a lot of guys that sound strikingly similar to Trayvon.  These boys never did anything violent, just as Trayvon, but they did cause trouble in school.  I am not saying I believe that Trayvon killed Zimmerman.  What I am saying is that he is not as innocent as people are making him out to be.  In America we have a tendency of doing this.  We are quick to put anyone on a pedestal that the press portrays as the victim.  This is not right.  We need to look into things more and realize that everything is not the way it is made out to be.

I am a strong advocate for the belief that racial profiling needs to be stopped.  I also believe that this was the case for Trayvon Martin.  I am simply saying we do not need to make him seem like an angel to get our point across.



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