Who Dat?


My dad has been the hugest Saints fan since I can remember.  Something else I can remember is how bad of a record they had and he still was their number one fan.  As much as he was teased about loving the Saints he kept the hope alive and now he can finally say that he proved everyone wrong.  The Saints won Superbowl XLIV and became America’s team.  But now that they have hit rock bottom (again), the question of team loyalty arises.

            Saints head coach, Sean Payton, is in big trouble.  Supposedly the coach had dealings with something known as bounty gate.  This is basically where a coach is involved in paying players to hurt other players. Payton is suspended for 10 months and has already received offers to occupy his free time.  He is the first head coach to be suspended by the league for any matter at all.  Payton was accused of trying to cover up a system of extra cash out to players.  This was a shock to fans as well as the players. “: “I am speechless. Sean Payton is a great man, coach, and mentor. … I need to hear an explanation for this punishment, said popular New Orleans Saints Player Drew Brees

            There are a few options for who will stand in for Payton.  One is defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who has NFL head coaching experience with the Rams. The other candidate is offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr., who has no experience as head coach.

            Many believe this punishment is too steep, but Roger Goodell, head commissioner, is standing by his decision.  Sean Payton released a statement saying, “”I share and fully support the league’s concerns and goals on player safety. It is, and should be paramount,” Payton said in the statement. “Respecting our great game and the NFL shield is extremely important”. 

            These thing will have a great impact on Saints nation.  My dad, as well as all other fans, are planning to stand by their favorite team throughout this terrible incident.  Now that’s team spirit!







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