I am definitely NOT a basketball fan.  In fact I can’t even think of many actual players.  But now there is one particular player that is ever so popular; Jeremy Lin.  I don’t know anything at all about statistics in basketball but what I do know is that Lin has an exceptional history with basketball.  A Harvard graduate with NO offers and now look at him!  Not only is he the first player in the NBA to be of Chinese decent, he is also breaking countless records.  His career started off a little weak, but it did not take long for the “linsanity” to begin.

After being assigned to the D-League  multiple times, his sudden rise to glory is a bit shocking in my eyes.  He is now on the starting lineup for the New York Knicks!  Lin got his big break on the court after doing a great job in the first quarter, prompting teammate Carmelo Anthony to suggest he play a lot more.

Despite the fact that everyone see’s how great a player Lin is, there has been suggestions that his slow start may be a racial issue.  No matter what race we may be, there are always stereotypes that people expect us to fall into.  I am one to say that I do not like being stereotyped and I try my hardest to convince people not to place me or other people in categories based off what you may THINK a particular race is prone to do.


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