Kony 2012

In this day, it is easy for us to believe that atrocities of the past can never repeat themselves.  But the truth is they are just as prevalent, if not more, than ever before.  The fact that these things are not happening in our own country may prevent us from having knowledge about these situations.  Is it okay to ignore things that may not directly effect your country?  Do you believe that every problem in the world has some type of effect on every human being?

Joseph Kony has been terrorizing for years now, and people are finally starting to realize that something has to be done to stop him.  Ahmaad Solmone, a Senior Mass Communications major from Hammond, La said, “I did a video about Joseph Kony back in high school and that was about 8 years ago.  I’m happy my peers are finally starting to see how important this is.  Hopefully there will be a great result from this!”

Kony is based in North Uganda. He uses youth as soldiers and sex slaves.  There have also been stories of his brutal treatment.  It has been said that he removed the eyeball of a young man that looked at him without permission.  His tactics are said to be similar to that of a cult.

Kony 2012 is spreading across the United States.  Students here at the University of Louisiana at Monroe are even making efforts to end this.  Aisling Carberry-Shaha, a Freshman Elementary Education major from Deridder, Louisiana is a strong advocate for the matter.  “I have been involved with Invisible Children since high school and I am so happy ULM is taking part of this.  So many people believe we shouldn’t worry about this since its not dealing with us.  Kony is on top of the world’s most wanted list, why wouldn’t we start with him?”  Carberry-Shaha, along with many other ULM students, are working on starting a student organization geared towards the capture of Kony, entitled ULM Invisible Children.

Some people believe the Kony 2012 act is being blown out of proportion.  As usual, people believe we should have nothing to do with it.  “When people can point out Uganda, then they can care!” says Nick McCullough, a sophomore Pre-Nursing major from Minden, La.  It may be true that some of Kony’s biggest atrocities happened in the past, but does that mean they should be ignored?

Joseph Kony is gaining more and more popularity, and that may be what causes him to be captured.  This is the exact goal of Kony 2012.  Ryan Prince, a Biology Education Junior of Sibley, La said “At first I didn’t understand what it had to do with us.  I get it now though.  It’s about us all coming together and being a caring and selfless nation.  It’s about helping innocent children who can not help themselves.”





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