Death Conspiracy

Death can typically bring on a number of emotions – hurt, remorse, anger, and regret- just to name a few.  In addition to this, there seems to be another emotion associated with particularly celebrity death. Suspicion.  One would think that it would be unheard of to fake a death.  Apparently, this notion is a mundane subject in the entertainment industry.

Death conspiracy has been a “possibility” in many celebrities deaths.   A few of the more popular ones are Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Anna Nicole Smith, and most recently, Michael Jackson.  All of the listed celebs are extremely popular, and this may have been a reason for all of them to fake their deaths.

Michael Jackson’s case stood out the most for me.  The main reason for this is because I had no clue until now that his death had speculations of being a hoax.  Jackson led a life filled with controversy, and it’s sad to see that this is still the case after his death.  Sad, but rather interesting.

As everyone knows, the  singer was addicted to drugs and this was taking a huge toll on his life.  Because of this, he had a live in doctor (Murray).  It is said that Murray gave Jackson a lethal dose of medication that caused the untimely death of the pop icon right before he was set to do a comeback tour.

But now, after his death, many people (even his own family) believes there was more to his death than drug overdose.  Many say the reason for this was the way the media was constantly tearing Jackson down emotionally.  Apparently, this got to be too much for him and he planned out his own death to get away.  There are a number of evidence for this, but they all seem a bit vague.  For instance, the fact that on some legal documents Jackson’s middle name is Joe and other times it is Joseph has been mentioned.  Also, Jackson is said to have been in attendance at his own funeral, and also to have appeared in various places after his death disguised as some of his friends, and even a blonde woman.

Death conspiracy is frightening for me.  I can’t even fathom faking my own death, and it’s hard for me to believe anyone else would do such a thing.  On the contrary, I do believe that Jackson had a lot of deep rooted troubles.   But as far as his death being a conspiracy, I’m not so sure.



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