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These days, it is common for people to be obsessed or addicted to social media sites. The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Management conducted studies to prove the theory to be true.   The study discovered that more people are addicted to social networks than they are to your typical addictions.  By typical I mean crack, tobacco, marijuana, painkillers, or any other substance you may think of.  So just imagine, in today’s society people check their Facebook page more than they light a cigarette.  Says something about our generation, don’t you agree?

The study took a group of Germans, gave them all access to social media via Blackberry and inquired about what aspects they longed for throughout the day.  Aside from the obvious—sleep and food— Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and email accounts were at the top of the list.

For some, this may not make any sense.  You may ask, “How can someone possibly let social media control them psychologically?”  It is said that this is a result of cost and effect.   With social media you don’t have nearly the amount of health and monetary risks as you would with things like crack, tobacco, marijuana, painkillers, or any other substance you may think of.  This alone makes social media a better choice of addiction.  No monetary obligations? No health risks? Sounds like a plan to me!

The younger generation has a rather interesting opinion about the whole thing.  They would go as far as to say that social media is just as important as food, air, water, and shelter.  Is this a healthy way of thinking?  Either way, it’s the truth.  America’s, as well as many other countries, youth are addicted to social media.

I believe that social media isn’t all bad.  It is simply amazing that you can find and keep in contact with kindergarten pals, long lost friends, and distant family members.  Social media is what keeps everyone connected.  Of course I do honestly believe that we can survive without social media sites.  I’d even go as far as saying that social media sites are bad for you, just as anything else addictive.  Now, would many agree with this?  The first step to breaking an addiction is admitting you have that addiction, so probably not.





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    Mr WordPress said,

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    Christopher Mapp said,

    Good start. I like the visual elements you used. Nice touch, although dictionary entries are kind of superfluous. Try to avoid them.

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