My group projec…

My group project was based off the history of ULM, its name change, and the effect it had on the school as a whole.  The point where the school spirit took a rapid downfall was when the name change from NLU to ULM occurred.  Today, people who graduated from NLU will not have anything to do with the newly named ULM.  People have even gone as far as to say things like “I did not go to ULM, I’m an alumni of Northeast”.  This is the craziest thing I have ever heard.  If you really love your school, the fact that it simply changed names should not bother you.  I know for a fact that if ULM changed names I’d feel exactly the same about it.

Something else that was interesting about our research was the lack of school spirit that pretty much everyone had.  I really don’t think there is a strong backbone of tradition to create this.  At our games I don’t feel like there is much to look forward to.  We have an amazing facility to work with but we do not take advantage of these things.  I am not sold on the idea of selling alcohol at the games, but on the other hand it may make the games more appealing to the community.


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Secret Service Prostitution Scandal

Twelve secret service members have been implicated in a scandal that trumps all scandals over the past decades.  Barack Obama seems like a very professional, clean, man.  The idea of prostitutes even being brought up in the same sentence with his name is crazy.  The men who were accused of these are supposed to be worried about protecting our president, not something as lowly as prostitutes.  The men were caught with about 21 prostitutes in their room an April 11-12 in a hotel in Cartagena.  This was just one night before the President was supposed to arrive.  Now, I know these are grown men but they do need to take heed to the company they keep.  What if this women were plotting against the president? What if the women overheard confidential business that was only meant for people in the government?  There are many things that could’ve gone wrong and these men didn’t even take that into account.

“Frankly, my biggest concern is the issue of security and what could possibly have been jeopardized by virtue of this kind of behavior,” Leon Panetta, U.S. Defense Secretary said.  He went on to say, “We expect our people, wherever they are, whether they are in Colombia or any other country … to behave at the highest standards of conduct.”  This event was talked about frequently, and it caused everything the President had to say to be overshadowed.  Hiring prostitutes is illegal for U.S. military personnel.  The consequences range anywhere from years in jail to dishonorable discharge.



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Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home

        Often times, there can be different negative connotations with the idea of a children’s home.  In media outlets like movies and television the living conditions are often terrible, and the children are treated badly. For example the popular movie entitled “Annie” gave a bad view of children’s homes.  Annie was treated badly and lived in terrible conditions.  She wasn’t allowed to speak to her parents and her dreams were frequently crushed by the mother of the home she lived at.  Naturally this has become the jaded image society has towards children’s home.  At Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home, this is not the case.

      .  The children all live in a small cottage along with 4-6 other children.  A married, Christian, couple lives in the house and acts as the children’s foster parents.  The kids range in age from infants all the way to college students. The Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home strives to instill family values in all of the children.  Having a stable home, or cottage, helps with this. 

        The Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home has an interesting way of communicating.  All of the workers are friendly with one another and it seems as though they work together to achieve common goals.  The secretary always looks out or Mr. Frost.  She seems to be a big help.

            The campus at the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home is extremely beautiful.  It looks very well kept and it is obvious that the campus is Christian oriented.  Mr. Frost’s office was filled with uplifting scriptures.

            Any couple who works at the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home most likely does not have kids of their own.  In the case that they do, it is okay for them to live in the cottage’s with their parents.  This does not become a problem unless the couple has a large amount of children.  They will not be allowed to live in the cottage if this is the case, simply because there is no room to board so many people in the cottages.  There are also tutors on campus.  These tutors can be in college or high school and must be willing to tutor in just about every subject. 

          The research I did on the Children’s Home was very reassuring.  I had a bad view of them initially, but now that has been cleared up.

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  1. How much money is being budgeted for AMTRAK projects in Louisiana this year? What four cities in Louisiana are projects currently underway or slated to begin?

$2,842,124 is being budgeted for AMTRAK projects in Louisiana this year.  New Iberia, Lafayette, Hammond, and Lake Charles are currently underway or slated to begin. 


Rate: 10


  1. What is one of the serial numbers for either of the two airplanes owned by the University of Southern Mississippi?

H2O0038 is one of the serial numbers.




  1. How many people were killed in bus crashes/accidents in Louisiana in 2003? How many were killed in large truck accidents? During the period from 1994-2009, what year saw the most deaths in bus crashes, and how many were there?

Five people were killed in bus crashes/accidents in Louisiana in 2003.  Seven people were killed in large truck accidents.  2001 saw the most and there were a total of eight deaths.




  1. Which medical facility employs Dr. Charles Brent in Hattiesburg, MS? Does Dr. Brent have a public record on file with the state or not?

Southern Neurologic Spinal Institute employs him.  Yes he does have a public record on file with the state.





  1. According to the Centers for Disease Control, births in the United States have fallen how many percentage points from 2007 to 2009? What two areas of the United States have shown the biggest decline in live births? Which racial group had the largest decline in births during that 2-year period?

Births fell 4 percent.  Arizona and Nevada has shown the biggest decline.  Hispanics had the largest decline for births.





  1. On what date was the case of Islamic Shura Council of Southern California et al. vs. the FBI reviewed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? Who were the three presiding Circuit Court judges? What is the case origin? What is the case number? What kind of case was it (case type?)

The date was November 1, 2010.  The judges were Mary M. Schroeder, Richard C. Tallman, and Milan D. Smith, Jr.  The case origin is Pasadena, California.  Case number is 09-56035 and it was an opinion case.




  1. Harry F. Connick et al. vs. Thompson, John was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on what date? When was the decision filed? Who wrote the court’s majority opinion? Which justices joined? Who wrote the Court’s dissenting opinion? Which justices joined? For what crime was John Thompson originally prosecuted?

The case was argued on October 6, 2010.  The decision was filed on March 29, 2011.  Justice Thomas wrote the court’s majority opinion, and Justices Scalia and Alito joined.  Judge Ginsburg wrote the Court’s dissenting opinion, and justices Bryer, Sotomayer, and Kagan joined.  John Thompson was originally prosecuted for attempted arm robbery. 

Rate 10



  1. According to the FBI, who are the 10 Most Wanted Fugitives? What distinguishing scars and marks can be found on wanted child pornographer Eric Justin Toth? Who are the 10 Most Wanted Terrorists by the FBI? What country is Jaber A. Elbaneh from? What distinguishing scars or marks does Abdul Rahman Yasin have? According to the FBI, how many name checks were requested in 2007 under the National Name Check Program (NNCP)? How many were requested in 2010? What’s the percentage increase/decrease?    

The 10 Most Wanted Fugitives are:

1.Eric Justin toth

2.Jason Derek Brown

3. Joe Luis Saenz

4.Glen Stewart Godwin

5.Robert William Fisher

6.Semion Mogelevich

7. Eduardo Ravelo

8.Alexis Flores

9.Victor Manuel Gerena

10.James J. Bulger

Eric Justin Toth has a mole under his left eye. 

The most wanted terrorists are:  

1. Ali Saed Bin Ali El-Hoorie

2.     Abdul Rahman Yasin

3.     Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah

4.     Jaber A. Elbaneh

5.     Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Al Al-Badawi

6.     Isnilon Totoni Hapilon

7.     Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-Nasser

8.     Ali Atwa

9.     Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub

10.     Fahd Mohammed Ahmed Al-Quso     

Jaber A. Elbaneh is from Yemen.  Abdul Rahman Yasin has a chemical burn scar on his right thigh.

There were 4,071,020 in 2007.  There were 3,454,456 in 2010.  



  1.  Name the CEO, CFO and Chief Marketing Officer for the company 24-Hour Fitness Worldwide, Inc. Name 3 of the company’s chief competitors and their headquarter locations. 

CEO is Carl Leibert. CFO is Jeffrey Boyer.  Chief Marketing Officer is Tony Wells.

3 Competitors are 1.Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation – Chicago, IL2.     AGT Crunch Acquisition LLC – New York, NY 3. Curves International, Inc. – Waco, TX.


  1. In the Betty Crocker contest to choose the best marriage cake for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, what was the name of the selection chosen by American voters?

Something Blue was the name of the selection chosen by American voters.


Rate: 8


  1. According to the St. Tammany Parish Assessor, how are property taxes assessed? What kinds of services do these property taxes pay for? How are the property taxes calculated?

The tax rates are based on millages, bond issues, and fees that have been voted by registered voters in the various districts, which have been established by the Legislature or Constitution.


Rate: 8


  1. List at least 5 non-profit organizations currently helping in Japan.

1. The Red Cross

2. Save the Children


4. International Medical Corps

              5. Salvation Army

            Source: 6.

            Rate: 9


  1. According to the United States Department of Labor, how many workers died from work-related injuries in 2008? How many died from work-related injuries in 2009? Calculate the percentage decrease or increase from 2008 to 2009.

5,214 in 2008, 4,551 in 2009. The percentage decrease was 12.7%.




  1. According to the most recent statistics issued by FEMA, list at least 5 addresses in the city of Monroe that are potential “floodplain properties.”

500 HARN ST Monroe LA 71201

410 WILMUTH ST Monroe LA 71201

412 N 24TH ST Monroe LA 71201

2002 FLYNN ST Monroe LA 71201

306 HARN ST Monroe LA 71201






  1.  What percentage of Monroe citizens were foreign born, according to the last U.S. Census? What is the national average?

1.4% of Monroe citizens were foreign born.  The national average is 12.7%.


Rate: 10


  1. Name 2 Louisiana banks that have closed since 2000. What cities were they in? Were they acquired by other banks, and if so, name the bank that acquired them.

        Farmers Bank of Cheneyville – Cheneyville, LA

Acquired by Sabine State Bank & Trust


        Statewide Bank – Covington, LA


Acquired by Home Bank





  1. What is the patent number for the rotisserie cooking oven invented by Alan Backus and Ron Popeil? When was the patent filed? Where are the inventors from?

The patent number is 08017167.  The patent was filed on September 13, 2011. Backus is from Los Angeles and Popeil is from Beverly Hills.




  1.  What are the top six states for starting new businesses according to figures compiled for 2009 and 2010? Is Louisiana among those top six states? If so, where does it rank? What economic factors are attributed to its success (or failure)?







The state’s tax incentives for the film and television industry.

Louisiana is number 4.  


Rate  8


  1. What was President Barak Obama’s federal income tax rate for 2011? How much money did the Obamas claim in adjusted gross income for 2011? What percentage of their income did they give to charity? How much did Vice President Joe Biden make in 2011? What percentage did Biden give to charity? What is the “Buffet Rule?” Do either Joe Biden or Barack Obama qualify for the “Buffet Rule?”

Rate for 2011 was 20.5. He claimed 789674. 22% was given to Charity. Biden made 379035. He gave 5.540 to charity. The “Buffet Rule” would seek to ensure the tax rate of the wealthiest Americans is at least as much as the middle class.  Obama qualifies.




  1. In 2010, what were the racial percentages of the 6,008 known hate crime offenders? In 2010, how many total bank crime robberies occurred? What was the total amount of loot stolen in 2010? How much of that loot was recovered? What were the top two days of the week for bank crimes in 2010? Did more robbers use a written note or a verbal demand in 2010?
  2. 62.4% were white


  1. 18.5% were black


  1. 7.3% were groups of individuals of various races


  1. 10.2% were unknown races


  1. The remaining percentage were unnamed races

Bank crime robberies: 1160.  Loot stolen in 2010: $1,908,054.22  Top two days of the week: Tuesday and Friday. Most robbers used a written note demand.



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Student Development

“ACT Part Of Initiative to Develop Students”

Tuesday the Louisiana Department of Education announced three changes designed to help students get on a healthy track towards completing a college degree plan and getting a successful job.

Through this plan students in grades 8-11 will begin preparing for American College Testing. Each grade will have a different course to complete within the plan.  Eighth and ninth graders will take the EXPLORE test.  Tenth graders will take the PLAN test.  Eleventh and twelfth graders will take the ACT test. Every student will have atleast taken the ACT once during their eleventh grade year. All of these things will be on the state’s expense, beginning in 2012-2013.

These tests will help students get a better gage of what they need to do in order to score better on the ACT.  Shaleka Griffin, a Junior Kinesiology Major from Shreveport, La admires this new plan.  “I think this is a great idea.  I made a 25 on the ACT, and I can only imagine how much greater my score could’ve been with as much assistance as they’re offering these days,” said Griffin.

In addition to the ACT test required of all eleventh graders, students who are a part of the reduced lunch meal plan will receive two more free testing opportunities provided by the state.  Cherrelle Carroll, Senior Health Care Marketing and Management Major of Kingston, Louisiana said, “I know that this will have a huge effect on the outcome of most high school graduates.  They have no excuse not to excel on the ACT and on any other requirement they may have”.

Superintendent John White ensured that these tests would be offered on days other than Saturday.  This way students won’t have to worry about transportation other than to school.

The state is also planning to train around 350 teachers to teach Advanced Placement courses.  “This is completely different from the way my high school was.  Advanced Placement was no different from other classes,” says Sha’Net McCarter, a sophomore Mass Communications major from Colfax, Louisiana.

“The numbers tell us our students are improving, but we still lag behind the rest of the nation, particularly in high schools,” state Superintendent John White said. “I’m confident our students can learn at higher levels and that our teachers can lead us there.”

In addition to all of this, Post-Secondary will receive state-funding geared towards offering reduced cost Post-Secondary courses to low income high school students.

Louisiana high schools have shown almost a 10-point gain in the graduation rate since 2002.




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Trayvon Martin: Innocent or NOT Innocent?

The Trayvon Martin Case has been all the last buzz in the news world lately.  In the beginning, everyone was making a huge deal about how he was wronged and how Zimmerman was racist.  Everyone was on Trayvon’s side because he seemed to be young and innocent.  But as always there are two sides to the story.  Now there is speculation that Trayvon wasn’t as innocent as he seemed.

As a matter of fact, he was on suspension from school around the time he was killed.  His suspensions ranged from, suspicion of marijuana, putting graffiti on school lockers, and having what appeared to be stolen jewelry in his backpack.  None of these things are related to violence, so some would say it is irrelevant to the case. I, on the other hand, believe otherwise. I grew up around a lot of guys that sound strikingly similar to Trayvon.  These boys never did anything violent, just as Trayvon, but they did cause trouble in school.  I am not saying I believe that Trayvon killed Zimmerman.  What I am saying is that he is not as innocent as people are making him out to be.  In America we have a tendency of doing this.  We are quick to put anyone on a pedestal that the press portrays as the victim.  This is not right.  We need to look into things more and realize that everything is not the way it is made out to be.

I am a strong advocate for the belief that racial profiling needs to be stopped.  I also believe that this was the case for Trayvon Martin.  I am simply saying we do not need to make him seem like an angel to get our point across.


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Who Dat?


My dad has been the hugest Saints fan since I can remember.  Something else I can remember is how bad of a record they had and he still was their number one fan.  As much as he was teased about loving the Saints he kept the hope alive and now he can finally say that he proved everyone wrong.  The Saints won Superbowl XLIV and became America’s team.  But now that they have hit rock bottom (again), the question of team loyalty arises.

            Saints head coach, Sean Payton, is in big trouble.  Supposedly the coach had dealings with something known as bounty gate.  This is basically where a coach is involved in paying players to hurt other players. Payton is suspended for 10 months and has already received offers to occupy his free time.  He is the first head coach to be suspended by the league for any matter at all.  Payton was accused of trying to cover up a system of extra cash out to players.  This was a shock to fans as well as the players. “: “I am speechless. Sean Payton is a great man, coach, and mentor. … I need to hear an explanation for this punishment, said popular New Orleans Saints Player Drew Brees

            There are a few options for who will stand in for Payton.  One is defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who has NFL head coaching experience with the Rams. The other candidate is offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr., who has no experience as head coach.

            Many believe this punishment is too steep, but Roger Goodell, head commissioner, is standing by his decision.  Sean Payton released a statement saying, “”I share and fully support the league’s concerns and goals on player safety. It is, and should be paramount,” Payton said in the statement. “Respecting our great game and the NFL shield is extremely important”. 

            These thing will have a great impact on Saints nation.  My dad, as well as all other fans, are planning to stand by their favorite team throughout this terrible incident.  Now that’s team spirit!



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